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LocLab Consulting GmbH is a team of experts specializing in the digitization of the construction sector. We have many years of practical experience in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the games industry. We create semantic and volumetric 3D models of buildings, infrastructure and technical equipment that are interactive, software-independent and built entirely to your specifications.

Our USP is our ability to blend our deep engineering knowledge with our gamification expertise. We are experienced, passionate and professional.

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Our technology makes us unique ...

Our technology is based on innovative developments in the computer games industry. Gamification, the application of game-playing to other processes, brings with it a whole series of advantages. Our interactive 3D models are impressive because of their surprisingly realistic appearance, intuitive functionality and excellent performance.

To date, actual representations have inflated datasets disproportionately, we can now achieve astonishingly small data volume through the semi-automated production of the models in our own ToolChain. Our continuously expanding object library makes this possible. Using algorithms, objects in the digital model are identified and replaced with corresponding objects from the library – this is what makes our method so fast, data-light, reliable and affordable.

Another cost-saving factor is the use of terrestrial photogrammetry to achieve our high-quality 3D models. Neither costly data acquisition nor aerial surveys are necessary; ordinary digital images taken at street level, combined with a number of reference measures are sufficient. In addition, we work completely independently of proprietary software and vendors. Our system is created using open standards, which is another advantage for our customers.

The team draws on experience from over 3000 successful 3D projects!

Our international team of more than 90 programmers and specialists has been working together since 2006 and can draw on the experience of more than 3,000 successful 3D projects. Their areas of expertise may differ, but our common aim is to build engagement and deliver the highest standards of quality.

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