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The rapid transformation of the construction value chain is creating opportunities: greater reliability of costs and scheduling, risk mitigation and increased efficiency. Technically perfect, detailed and stunningly real 3D models of buildings or technical equipment play a major role in this. If you deal with the commissioning, planning, construction or operation of building projects, we can help you.

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... you have ultimate responsibility for the timely and cost-effective execution of construction and maintenance projects. You are also the frontline contact with the public. This means that you have the, sometimes difficult, task of representing a project that people feel has a negative impact on them. We can assist you with interactive, realistic and visually appealing models of both the existing and planned environment which can help you engage with stakeholders, allowing them to participate in discussions about the planning decisions and their effects.

... you are subject to demanding contractual and operational requirements. The logistics, operations, maintenance and performance of the individual elements and people in a complex system have to be optimally aligned. Are you currently using the power of virtual reality or gamification to train your employees in a secure virtual environment?

... you assume great responsibility in the construction value chain for the sustainable quality of our built environment. With the increasing trend towards 3D design and BIM, you may be faced with new and challenging demands from your clients for services which are not within your current service portfolio, for example real-world modeling, visualization and virtual reality applications.
That’s where we come in! This is our field of expertise - we can help you.

... you want to motivate your trainees and create a valuable learning experience. Developing engaging training using virtual reality can facilitate immersion in the subject matter and deliver a ‘fun factor’ that increases retention of the training content. "Gamification" is the key word: we supply you with virtual reality scenarios and systems in an engaging 3D environment, so even complex themes can be communicated easily.

Even if you are not involved in one of the areas described above, we are sure you will be impressed by the design and functionality of our models.