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At LocLab we think that a digital twin is more than just a 360° panorama image or a string of numbers. Digital twins from LocLab are living 3D representations of real buildings, technical facilities or geographic spaces. They provide a realistic visualization and intuitive experience, they are object-based and linked to current information, and thus form the basis for efficient processes and better decisions. Read more. >>

Digital Twin Solutions

icon Public Consultation and visualisation

Communication & Consultation

Plan, visualize, communicate, make decisions. More>>

icon Real-world modelling and planning optimisation

As-built Model & Documentation

Map existing or planned buildings virtually and object-based. More>>

icon Simulation and process optimisation

Simulation & process optimisation

Efficient production and distribution, fast ordering, simulating processes. More>>

icon Asset- und Facility Management

Asset & facility management

Intuitive control of maintenance and repair activities. More>>

icon Training


Playful learning, efficient training with VR and AR. More>>

icon Data integration and object libraries

Data integration & object libraries

Connect directly from the object to data and systems. More>>

Our technology makes us unique.

But our people turn technology into added value.

"Think Big"

„With LocLab you have a partner who listens carefully and gives you competent advice. We create digital twins exactly for your needs. Why LocLab? We are the DIGITAL TWIN Company!“

Dr. Ilka May, CEO LocLab

„Virtual worlds fascinate me. For 20 years I have been creating digital copies of reality. I am firmly convinced that sooner or later the 3D model will replace the list as an intuitive, playful representation of information!“

Kim Jung, CTO LocLab

"Life is a game"

Our customers are our partners

Our team draws on experience from around 4,000 successful 3D projects.

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