Communication & Public Consultation

Persuade through digital twins

Unlock the persuasive power of digital twins: Demonstrate and communicate your plans with the help of interactive and realistic 3D models. Visualizations of the current situation and different variants help residents and other stakeholders to understand the plans and the resulting changes. From entire city districts and climate protection measures to large infrastructure or single building projects: with digital twins, you convince where others are still discussing!

As-built Models & Documentation

Capture the present to shape the future

Document the essentials of your building, facility or infrastructure in an object-based 3D model with realistic visualisation and intuitive operation. The digital twin can be created from videos or 3D point clouds as well as from existing as-built models and plans. In our AI-based modelling process, we flexibly create your models in the required accuracy, detail and structure and with the necessary element information and external links. Connect the digital twin with related documentation, operation and monitoring systems or export the 3D model for BIM, CAD, GIS, VR, AR, Metaverse or Omniverse.

Simulation and process optimisation

Design your production and logistics processes more efficiently and improve the occupational safety of your employees. Order spare parts, plan and simulate procedures and processes at the digital twin of your building or technical plant. Our Digital Twins can be linked to simulators or data analysis software such as Apache Kafka. This allows scenarios to be run through on the digital model and important findings about "what if..." can be collected. In this way, you can optimize time- and resource-intensive activities.

Asset & facility management

Elevate your asset management and operations

Unveil the location intelligence in digital twins: Seamlessly integrate asset and real-time operational data to optimise infor-mation access and decision making. "The LocLab Cloud enables the intelligent linking of asset management, facility management and IoT systems. Find the latest asset and operating information directly on the model element and start maintenance jobs within the model. At the same time, the digital twin can also be embedded in web-based systems using the Twin Viewer.

Gamified Training & Simulators

Empower professionals through immersive learning

Empower professionals with gamified training in realistic industry settings, enhancing engagement, skill acquisition and problem-solving skills through immersive experiences and simulated challenges. We transform your traditional training material into interactive tutorials, immersive challenges and team tasks on the computer or in VR environments. Conduct virtual trainings in dangerous and hazardous environments without taking safety risks. Simulate various problem-based scenarios to improve skill acquisition and critical thinking of your employees and ensure that professionals are able to tackle real-world challenges with confidence.

Data integration and object libraries

In most organisations there are many data-bearing systems in which master data, commercial data, object information, contract data and much more is stored, maintained and managed. Often these systems become data silos in which individual data records are difficult to find and in which data is partially redundant. Our digital twins can be linked to a variety of data systems to efficiently manage the wealth of data. Together with partners we offer web-based data integration solutions. In this way we create intuitive access to relevant information via a web-based Digital Twin. We would also be happy to help you with our extensive experience with object libraries to build and maintain your own digital object library

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